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Saturday, 18 September 2010

A quick update

I was all set to start my Hirdmen this week, I even prepared this blog in anticipation of being able to provide photographic proof of my endeavours, however, it is now Saturday afternoon and I have no substantial progress to report.
The reason?

Quite simply, I ordered and received in record time (great service, thank you Maelstrom) a box of Perry 1815 British Line Infantry. Which I have been assembling for the past few days.
Last night, I did start by undercoating and drybrushing the chainmail of my Hersir, but aside from that, work on my Vikings has ground to a halt.

I a certain however, that this weekend will see me make a concerted effort to get them based and undercoated.

Til next time,

Hetzig the lazy, signing off.

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