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Friday, 8 October 2010

As Helene Mahieu once said... wargaming, as with so much in life, size matters. (well, truth be told I think she was thinking of cars, but I digress...)

I've just started to paint up my pseudo-viking leader (pictures to follow later) but, I've discovered that he truly is mammoth when stood next to his plastic viking brethren. Now, I have two choices, I can either abandon it as part of the army and just paint it as a vignette, or (and this is my preferred option) I can just assume that as a leader, he is literally head and shoulders above the rest and has achieved this status as leader partly because of his immense physical presence.
I suppose I could also come up with some suitably twee name to further reinforce this idea.

It's a shame though that a model from the same company would be so glaringly different in size. Still, adapt and overcome, right?

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