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Friday, 24 February 2012

French, Romans, Countrym...

ahh, well, no just French and Romans tonight, actually.

I have a wp of two Contubernia that I am working on. They're pretty much finished, besides varnishing and the shield. The shield being the stumbling block, as I have yet to decide upon a design; I really don't want red with thunderbolts. So, until I settle on something, that is where they stay, in figure limbo.

Plus, the Optio, similarly suspended until I settle on a shield pattern.

Also, I have been painting a few more Frenchies, so I thought I'd do a group shot, to inspire myself into painting more blue.

45th Line: Grenadier, 1st Fusilier (Green Pompom) and 2nd Fusilier Company (Blue Pompom). The 2nd Coy is seriously understrength, and the Grenadier and 1st Companies are about half strength, atm.

Thanks for reading. :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Change is as good as a rest

or so the old saying goes, so, who am I to argue? Painting brown was starting to become monotonous, (I've just completed my 3rd box of Warlord Zulus) therefore, I decided to raid my lead pile and see what I could do to liven things up.

First off were some Empress Brits (from a totally different era I hasten to add). I was rather wary of painting the new Brit DPM inspired multicam but I thought I'd give it a bash.

I was rather pleased with it, except the white flecks seem a little too overpowering. I may have to give that a bit of thought before doing any more. I also have some Americans to do, but I am still wondering how best to tackle ACU. :s

To keep my Brits company, I have also painted up some ANA. They were an eBay purchase and came as part of the deal with some Taliban: Definitely one of my better buys.

Also, to celebrate the return of Spartacus (RIP Andy) I decided to put a bit of paint on some of my Gladiators.

l to r: Crupellarius, Scissor, Secutor

l to r: Secutor, Thraex, Dimachaerus, Murmillo

In keeping with the Roman theme, I have also started my long neglected Warlord Romans:

I also have a Primus Pilus, Optio and Conicen under way and will post them when finished.

Anyway, enough rambling. Thanks for reading. :)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

busy weekend

A bit of an update bonanza this morning.

My latest delivery arrived and so, I've been busy these past days painting them up.
First up:

My NNC detachment.

The Army Hospital Corps orderlies and Surgeon Reynolds.

A couple of chaps from the Army Supply Corps/Commissariat Dept and a man in the uniform of the Rifles. (The ASC are depicted using some excellent sculpts from Artizan's March or Die FFL range)

Chard and his Batman

Finally for this morning:
A Sgt from the Buffs, a Corporal from the 90th LI and a Private from the 24th.

Most of the character figures with some exceptions are now complete. I'll probably be breaking the back of the rank and file of the 24th for the next few days, but I'll update again when I have something else of interest.

Thanks for reading and also, Happy New Year to anyone who happens upon this page from China.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Natal Mounted Police

As the title suggests, I finished my NMP Constables as well as getting my one NNC native painted. I also finished Surgeon Reynolds, who I am rather pleased with.

First off the Native (with Adendorff, Rev. Smith's Servant and an NNC Corporal).

Next up:
Natal (Dis-)Mounted Police

And Finally

Surgeon Reynolds

I'm rather pleased with this Perry Sudan Surgeon conversion. I'm rather pleased with how the Patrol Jacket turned out considering it's just paint. :)

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm currently just working my way through some more redcoats, however a few 'March Or Die' French arrived, which I am going to be painting up as Army Service Corps, and they will be my next job after the redcoats.

Til next I blog, thanks for reading.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Just a quick update

I finished the Empress Native figure today, who will represent Reverend Smith's Servant. I allowed myself a fair bit of licence and assumed that at some point he put on a spare tunic, to prevent friendly fire incidents (in addition to the red bandana, of course).

I will have a further update tomorrow as I'm almost done with the 3 Natal Mounted Police Constables and Surgeon Reynolds.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Blue is the colour...

Royal Artillery is the game.
My latest order from Empress arrived a few days ago, so I broke out the blue paint and got to work.

These were an absolute joy to paint, even with my limited skills. That said, I've not seen an Empress sculpt I didn't love, so I shouldn't really be surprised.

I also have not been completely lazy with regard the Zulu and I've now finished 16 of said figures. Here is a quick snap of the wip unit.

The painting continues. Until next time, thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Yet more.

Just a couple tonight, the NNC Corporal I was talking about from last time, a private in shirt sleeves, plus a chappy from the AHC. The Geneva Cross was a nightmare to get right, but worth the effort. His eye also seems a bit wonky in this shot, but it does actually look ok in the metal. Odd.

Anyway, thanks for reading. :)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

More for the Drift

I was looking for a figure to represent Lt. Adendorff, but found none were available, so I looked around for a 'suitable' figure and found one! It was a Brigade Minis German ww1 African Command figure, but with a bit of help from my Milliput (those damn puttees had to go!) I had one Lt Adendorff.

While the NNC NCOs (according to Osprey) wore brown/tan cord clothing, the officers of the NNC wore whatever they pleased, be it blue patrol jackets or military/civilian clothes adapted as they saw fit. So, with that sort of leeway, I decided to paint him as per Adendorff in Zulu (and why not, Adendorff was always my favourite character in said film).

Here is the finished article: (along with Chard and Bromhead)

Also here are a few (of the many) Zulu I will be painting.
These are painted to depict men from the uThulwana Regiment:

Well, I do have a few more NNC corporals painted, but I didn't get any shots of them due to a shortage of matt varnish. Once they're sufficiently dulled, I'll post them up.

Thanks for reading.