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Saturday, 21 January 2012

busy weekend

A bit of an update bonanza this morning.

My latest delivery arrived and so, I've been busy these past days painting them up.
First up:

My NNC detachment.

The Army Hospital Corps orderlies and Surgeon Reynolds.

A couple of chaps from the Army Supply Corps/Commissariat Dept and a man in the uniform of the Rifles. (The ASC are depicted using some excellent sculpts from Artizan's March or Die FFL range)

Chard and his Batman

Finally for this morning:
A Sgt from the Buffs, a Corporal from the 90th LI and a Private from the 24th.

Most of the character figures with some exceptions are now complete. I'll probably be breaking the back of the rank and file of the 24th for the next few days, but I'll update again when I have something else of interest.

Thanks for reading and also, Happy New Year to anyone who happens upon this page from China.

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