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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

More for the Drift

I was looking for a figure to represent Lt. Adendorff, but found none were available, so I looked around for a 'suitable' figure and found one! It was a Brigade Minis German ww1 African Command figure, but with a bit of help from my Milliput (those damn puttees had to go!) I had one Lt Adendorff.

While the NNC NCOs (according to Osprey) wore brown/tan cord clothing, the officers of the NNC wore whatever they pleased, be it blue patrol jackets or military/civilian clothes adapted as they saw fit. So, with that sort of leeway, I decided to paint him as per Adendorff in Zulu (and why not, Adendorff was always my favourite character in said film).

Here is the finished article: (along with Chard and Bromhead)

Also here are a few (of the many) Zulu I will be painting.
These are painted to depict men from the uThulwana Regiment:

Well, I do have a few more NNC corporals painted, but I didn't get any shots of them due to a shortage of matt varnish. Once they're sufficiently dulled, I'll post them up.

Thanks for reading.

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