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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Change is as good as a rest

or so the old saying goes, so, who am I to argue? Painting brown was starting to become monotonous, (I've just completed my 3rd box of Warlord Zulus) therefore, I decided to raid my lead pile and see what I could do to liven things up.

First off were some Empress Brits (from a totally different era I hasten to add). I was rather wary of painting the new Brit DPM inspired multicam but I thought I'd give it a bash.

I was rather pleased with it, except the white flecks seem a little too overpowering. I may have to give that a bit of thought before doing any more. I also have some Americans to do, but I am still wondering how best to tackle ACU. :s

To keep my Brits company, I have also painted up some ANA. They were an eBay purchase and came as part of the deal with some Taliban: Definitely one of my better buys.

Also, to celebrate the return of Spartacus (RIP Andy) I decided to put a bit of paint on some of my Gladiators.

l to r: Crupellarius, Scissor, Secutor

l to r: Secutor, Thraex, Dimachaerus, Murmillo

In keeping with the Roman theme, I have also started my long neglected Warlord Romans:

I also have a Primus Pilus, Optio and Conicen under way and will post them when finished.

Anyway, enough rambling. Thanks for reading. :)

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