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Friday, 24 February 2012

French, Romans, Countrym...

ahh, well, no just French and Romans tonight, actually.

I have a wp of two Contubernia that I am working on. They're pretty much finished, besides varnishing and the shield. The shield being the stumbling block, as I have yet to decide upon a design; I really don't want red with thunderbolts. So, until I settle on something, that is where they stay, in figure limbo.

Plus, the Optio, similarly suspended until I settle on a shield pattern.

Also, I have been painting a few more Frenchies, so I thought I'd do a group shot, to inspire myself into painting more blue.

45th Line: Grenadier, 1st Fusilier (Green Pompom) and 2nd Fusilier Company (Blue Pompom). The 2nd Coy is seriously understrength, and the Grenadier and 1st Companies are about half strength, atm.

Thanks for reading. :)

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